Mule Deer – What’s the Big Idea? is dedicated to hunting mule deer. It’s an ongoing project aimed at collecting useful information for mule deer hunters across North America.

I live in British Columbia, so much of the info will be from here. That said, much of it will apply to other areas of Canada, the US and Mexico as well.

I will collect hunting techniques, habitat information, and pictures. If you have anything to share with me please don’t hesitate. I am not an expert mule deer hunter; everything that you find here is something that I learned from someone else.

The MuleDeerNation blog is the place to go to find new posts. Everything that ends up here starts there.

You can also search the site by category to find things you’re interested in learning about. I’ve limited the categories in order to make it easier to search. Categories include:

  • Bow Hunting
  • Tree Stand and Blind Hunting
  • Spot and Stalk Hunting
  • Road Hunting
  • Epic Self Guided Mule Deer Hunts
  • Guided Mule Deer Hunts
  • Calling
  • Tracks and Sign
  • Mule Deer Habits and Habitat
  • Interviews with Successful Mule Deer Hunters
  • Mule Deer Hunting Gear
  • Mule Deer Racks
  • Hunting Trips
    • Like I said, I’m no expert at hunting Mule deer. I’ve never bow hunted, for example, or used a tree stand. I’ve never gone on a guided hunt (I’d love to be able to spend the time and money) and I’m just learning to call deer (I’ve had success calling moose, but that’s another story).

      The great thing about the internet is that you can access all kinds of information and come into contact with all kinds of interesting people who will share their knowledge with you. The bad part is that most of the information is scattered all over the place. If you have information to share, whether tips, techniques, stories, gear reviews or pictures, please let me know. Pictures are especially welcome – everybody likes pics!

      Take a look around and let me know what you think. I can be contacted at Thanks, and good luck and good hunting!